Counting +60 members and international observers, Finance for Tomorrow is the initiative launched in June 2017 within Paris EUROPLACE to make green and sustainable finance a key driving force in the development of the Paris market and position it as a leading financial hub on these issues.

The initiative brings together more than 60 members and international observers representing the entire financial ecosystem , as well as municipalities and public authorities. Members of Finance for Tomorrow are signatories of a shared charter with the goal of redirecting financial flows of capital toward a low-carbon and inclusive economy, in line with the Paris Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Louis Bachelier Group works to finance, develop and promote research excellence in economics and finance. The Louis bachelier group is made up of the Louis Bachelier Institute (ILB) and two foundations "The Europlace Institute of Finance" (EIF) and "The Risk Foundation" (FDR).

The Louis Bachelier Network was created to stimulate knowledge exchange and transversal collaborations in order to promote the emergence of a sustainable economy and finance. The network mobilizes more than 400 researchers, 85 private companies and several public partners including "the General Directorate of the Treasury" and "Caisse des Dépôts" who created the Louis Bachelier Institute in 2008.